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About us

Welcome to Solis Tractors UK

Solis Tractors UK is one of the foremost Solis tractor dealers in Europe, welcome to our dedicated UK Solis Tractors website.
The Solis brand represents a new range of tractors introduced across the UK and Europe by “International Tractors Limited” of India.

Solis Tractors are currently available from 20hp up to 90hp and are retailed through a growing nationwide dealer network with a dedicated parts and after-sales service to support this brand. The range features 2WD and 4WD models with platform models (without cab) also available.

We import and distribute Solis Tractors to fill the demands of customers in the sub-100hp sector looking for a more cost effective tractor option for their farm. These tractors offer performance, fuel efficiency, quality and value.

Solis tractors are made by International Tractors Ltd (ITL), a flagship company of the business conglomerate Sonalika Group. We are one of the largest and fastest growing tractor manufacturing companies in India. The turnover of the group stands at close to US Dollars 1 billion.

The Solis 20 to 90 models are made in our factory, which is one of the biggest tractor manufacturing plants in India, producing around 100,000 tractors per year.

The company has obtained European Homologation Approvals for its SOLIS tractors, full range and these can be registered for the road.

ITL tractors are distributed under the brands “Sonalika” & “Solis” by over 850 dealers across India and in over 85 countries across the globe.

Tractor shipments regularly going to EU countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic and the UK.

  • In the past ITL have had joint ventures with Renault Agriculture and CLAAS. We have produced tractors for both tractor brands.
  • ITL are now in partnership with YANMAR, they now hold a 30% stake in International Tractors Limited.
  • In South Africa there is strategic alliance with Argo Group. Solis tractors are being marketed by Argo in joint branding as “ Landini – Solis” in South Africa.
  • Leadership position in several African countries like Algeria where Solis sales exceed 5000 every year.
Solis tractors are value for money machines.
  • The Solis 20 & Solis 26 compact tractors are equipped with original Mitsubishi Engines. You will find these compact tractors offer high power in relation to their size with excellent working performance on various attachments / implements. These compact tractors are available with a complete solution, including front loaders, mowers, rotary tillers etc. Various other attachments and implements for the tractors are available from Del Morino, Italy.
  • Higher HP tractors have Carraro Transmission, Bosch Fuel Injection Pump, CBM –MITA (Italian) hydraulics, Luk Clutch, Vapco trailer brakes. All the ingredients which go into the tractors are good quality.
  • The full range of tractors from the Solis 20 up to the Solis 90 are all available as a platform tractor with roll over protection (ROPS) or with a fully fitted cab.
  • Solis tractors are known for their unmatchable pulling power within its HP range, high torque, low maintenance costs, easy availability and affordability of spare parts, low fuel consumption backed up by a good warranty.
Customer Relationships:
  • Our company values its relationship with all Solis customers who are steering us continuously on the path of success, improvement and growth.
  • Our sales team is always available for Solis customers to assist in any way possible to delight our customers.
  • It is because of the continuous trust shown by our customers all across Europe that this year we will distribute more than 10,000 tractors in Europe. For a young company like us which started its European operations just three years ago, this is a phenomenal growth all because of our valuable customers who have shown faith in our organization and are spreading positive word of mouth all across Europe about the excellent performance of our tractors.