Solis 26 9+9


Key Features

Brief Overview

The Solis 26 9+9 boasts all the same terrific features as the 26, with the addition of 9+9 transmission.

The Solis 26 9+9 is the latest addition to our compact tractor range.

As its name suggests, this light duty side shift, all-wheel machine, available from Solis Tractors Lincolnshire features a 9 + 9 gearbox. 9 forward gears and 9 for reversing, delivering optimised control.

With lifting power of up to 600 kg, power steering, illuminated dashboard and an adjustable, sprung seat with seat belt, the Solis 26 9 + 9 offers all the fantastic build quality and value for money as the other tractors in our compact range, with the addition of a 9 + 9 side shift gearbox.